About A.P. Leitao & Sons Landscaping Inc.

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What Makes Us Different Is Our Family Roots

A.P. Leitao & Sons Landscaping Inc. is a great story of a man who wanted a better life for his family. To support his family while living in Portugal, Antonio Leitao worked part time in a factory, while also focusing on his passion of horticulture by working at a local nursery. Once his skills were acquired, Antonio moved his family to America, and started his own business in his brother’s barn in 1990. Today, Antonio’s sons (Marino and Tony) run A.P. Leitao & Sons Landscaping.

Both sons have specialized skills – Tony is licensed in Fertilizing and Pesticides and Marino is licensed as a Hydraulics Engineer in both RI and MA. No matter what your landscaping needs are, A.P. Leitao & Sons Landscaping has the the crew, licensing and heart to handle it all.

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