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Other Services

Lime Applications - Leitao Landscaping

Lime Applications

Lime applications are vital to regulate soil pH. Most lawns in our area have acidic soil due to their surroundings. Lime applications in the spring and fall will help keep soil pH at a healthy level allowing the grass to thrive.

landscape lighting

Landscape Lighting

We offer professional outdoor landscape lighting which can add beauty, character and safety to your home. Path lights, accent lights and deck lights enhance the styling of your home, while offering the functionality and peace of mind of a well-lit outdoor space or hardscape design.

Commercial Snow Removal

Snow Removal

We offer snow removal for Commercial Properties.

Snow Removal includes:

  • Snow Plowing
  • De-Icing Treatments
  • Snow Removal
  • Machine Services

Cement Work

We offer cement work for the following project types.

  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks
  • Dumpster Pads
  • Walkways